What you will receive

Being a HOTH sponsor is quite simply unique. Over time, you’ll watch your sponsored child grow and see how your support is helping to transform their life and the lives of those around them.

You’ll actually see the difference you are making, through the eyes of the child you sponsor in letters, photos and reports.

See the impact you’re helping to make

As soon as you start sponsoring you’ll get a welcome pack, with photos and a profile of the child you’re sponsoring. You can write to your sponsored child right away if you want to, and the pack will explain exactly how sponsorship works.

Your welcome pack contains:

  • A profile of your sponsored child
  • Photos of your sponsored child and HOTH family
  • A guide to how sponsorship works

Each year you’ll also get an update on the progress your sponsored child and their community is making. This will include a recent photograph, so you can see for yourself how your sponsored child is growing and developing with your support.

And your support could mean even more. A few lines from a sponsor, or just knowing that someone miles away cares, can really help fuel a child’s imagination and ambition.

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