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This is an exiting year for House of the Heroes! We have a lot of changes planned for the next few months. With money that was given to us for christmas, we will start building the first two houses on our land, just outside manila. We don`t have enough to complete the buildings, but we believe that it is the right time to start, so we start building anyway =)

When we finish the two houses, we will move our kids there, and we will use our old (rented) house for a halfwayhouse. That means that we will be able to help more children and children in different situations. The halfwayhouse will be the place that our kids will come for an assessment, we will do a health and background check on them before they are moved to the village. If we find out that some children only need temporary help, we will let them stay with us in the halfwayhouse until the situation changes, and they can move back home to their family. This will give us the opportunity to help families get back on their feet. It will also give us the opportunity to help some of the many children that live on the streets, but are not orphaned.

I hope most of you who are following us use facebook =) We spent 4 months at HOTH last year, and Facebook is the easiest to update Im afraid….. As you know we have to keep our admin costs down, this means that we do the admin from home, when our kids are happy, or away for a couple of hours=) This is the reason why we are able to send all of the money you give to The House of the Heroes family ! So thank you for being patient with us!

Elisabeth Johnson

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 7.46.25 PM

The artist that painted the last supper, Joey Velasco, lived close to our house in Manila.

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