Preparing for our new children.

Here we are at the nearest Mall, buying beds and pillows for our new kids who will be moving into HOTH in the next couple of weeks.

We went to the local temporary children’s home, to see if there were any children we could take with us to HOTH. It was a really emotional experience, there were 60 children there, just waiting to be placed somewhere.They were all sleeping on the floor in a few rooms, most of them had scabies, and had really bad skin due to scratching.  Some of them were too old, and some to young for us to take in to HOTH. And off course space and money is limiting us, so we decided to take 6 children.

We feel so desperate to start building our village (!) to make space for more of these amazing children – who are just waiting for someone to love them and look after them.

10 days in Manila

We are now two days into our stay here in Manila. Me (Elisabeth) and my  mum and dad.

It has been so amazing to meet the children again, and to meet some of them for the first time!

They always surprise me with their joy and big smiles! They care so much for each other, and show so much love!

Yesterday we played with beads and lego – that we brought down from Norway =)

Today (sunday) we went to church, and after that to the Mall for a meal (all you can eat – rice =) and playtime.

A big Thank you to – Fjære Barneskole

We are so thankful for Fjære Barneskole (our local school in norway) who gave a big gift to House of the Heroes tonight at their Christmas concert! The school (Children and parents) gave 25 662 kr (about 2800 pounds) in a “reverse advent kalender”! The kids have been opening an envelope of money every day this month. It is such a blessing, and also a great opportunity for us to share about the hard life so many children in Manila face!
The money will go towards the last payments on our new plot of land! It will now be 100% ours =)

Thank you again Parents, Teachers and all the children in Fjære barneskole!

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