Summer camp

It is now summer holiday for the children at HOTH, and a few days ago the HOTH family arranged a great weekend for the local children!

Here is a letter from Vhiyo (director) about their weekend ;

We catered for almost 80 children from the community, ( based only on the capability of our budget:))

Our Theme is “Flying with Wisdom” We aim to emphasise how God wants us to live wisely by turning to Him and to His word. We also grab the opportunity to elevate the self esteem and boost the confidence of our kids most especially to our older kids, as they were assigned to teach lessons and were telling stories while our young kids were serving by giving water and food to the kids from the community. The DVBS was not just a part of our community service, but also a training ground for our kids on how to serve other children, this is part of our social development for our kids. Aside from teaching lessons, arts and crafts and telling stories, we also gave food and small gifts to the children from the community for the whole week. We would like to do the DVBS every year, though we didn’t have budget for this, we still made it!  for the glory of God:) Thanks to all who gave and supported this event and also to our staff and volunteers who made sacrifices, even their own money:)day 2 DVBS 1
























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Are you ready to make a real difference in someones life? I don’t mean it in a cliche kinda way but really really make a difference.

When you sponsor a child in a heroes family all your money goes to that child and their family at HOTH. Our little heroes are often rescued from desperate circumstances and this wouldn’t be possible without our faithful supporters. We want to do more though which is why we’re asking for more people to sponsor. Sign up today and we’ll find a child who you can help become a hero.

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