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We celebrated Christmas at House of the Heroes this year – It was a great time for us to really get to know everyone at HOTH, and for them to get to know us. It was also important for us that our children got to meet the children at HOTH to understand why we spend so much time on this, and to see what they also were a part of starting 5 years ago.

I want to thank all of you, but especially a few people who worked hard before christmas – collecting and earning money – so that the kids at HOTH would have a christmas they would never forget! (we got much more then we could spend on parties and gifts=) it will be used for other needs in the moths to come) We want to thank;

Fjære barneskole (our kids school) for collecting money in the “reverse advent calendar”

Fevik misjonskirke and sunday school for all they collected in advent.

Astrid Hernes and Lillian Lia (my mum, and friend) – for making, and selling things for HOTH.

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We rented a place with a pool – for our christmas party =) The kids were playing games, and receiving gifts. We had a barbecue, and lots of food =) And I must not forget the karaoke! A very important thing when Filipinos get together =)

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This is from the HOTH Christmas concert. It was a beautiful concert, the kids had been practising for ages, and it was just perfect!

It was supposed to be an event that would bring in some money for our charity, but the guests that showed up – were the ones the staff had invited – to bless with a gift bag (of food)   The HOTH staff went out in the neighbourhood, the week before the concert ,and looked for families that really needed help  – they all came and enjoyed the concert and the christmas gift =)

It really reminded me of the story in the bible about the big party! All the rich had excuses, so they went out and invited all the poor, they all came and had a great time !  I love it! =)

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There is so much i could say, all the children are such a blessing to us, and we wish we could be more present in their life. But every time we are at HOTH we feel so thankful, the staff  is amazing, and the kids love them so much. We thank God for his love in their lives!

One of the children was beaten really badly by his mum. he didn’t know of any other way to react, then what he had seen at home. Every time the staff corrected him, he would become violent. Instead of telling him off, they started to give him lots of love and praise for the good things he did. It changed him – and now you cant walk past him without getting a big hug =)

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