Letter from Vhiyo.

Dear All

"Isn’t God great? Even if we lost our things, God replaced it at once".  These were words uttered by one of the kids after having received some new and old clothes.

This optimistic attitude was enough to lighten the load as we faced the aftermath of the flood.  With the help of the kids themselves and volunteers from Church friends we are about 60 percent done with cleaning. Through your financial support we were able to buy new clothes, kitchen utensils, new stove, iron, school supplies, towels, groceries and LOTS OF cleaning materials 🙂 We also treated the kids to Mang Inasal (like Jollibee) as they requested.

We have yet to buy cushions, sheets, pillows, blankets and office equipments like tables, computer, printer and other office needs.

Thanks for all your prayers and supports.

God bless you all.


Our flood damaged home … still under water

Here are some pictures of HOTH today that shows some of the damage that has been done. The water is still high, and very muddy, so it is still difficult to find things that are missing.
The HOTH family is renting a house in Quezon city (manila) close to our old home, the house was for rent, so we can stay there until the water is gone and the HOTH is cleaned up.

We will keep you posted
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Our home is under water

Last night our children and staff had to evacuate the house (house of the heroes) The rain was so heavy, and the water rose so fast that they had to leave the house without any belongings, the water was already waist-hight when they got out!

We are so thankful that everyone is ok, but sad that our kids had to experience this, and loose all their belongings.

Please keep them in your prayers, and as always in a time of need we have to ask if anyone can give extra this month so we can pay for the damages and extra costs.

We also need to start building our village this year so that we don’t have to experience this every rain-season! Please keep this in mind, and spread the word about this so everyone you know =)

Thank you!

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