Back to school!

Our children are back to school after the “summer holiday”! We have had a few problems enrolling some of the children that don’t have a birth certificate, but the school showed some grace and everybody is now studying!

Our ALS (Alternative Learning School) started this week with three of our older children, and other people from our community. After 10 months they will be ready to take their exams and hopefully go to high school or even college (uni)


I thought we needed a blog about this amazing “car” !
The americans left lots of jeeps after the second world war. The Filipinos made them longer, more colorful, and they are now used as local “busses” in Manila. Every jeepney has its own route, and you can tell where its going by a small sign in the window. The sign can be hard to spot, because of all the decoration in the windows, but this doesn’t seem to bother anybody. The fact that it’s also hard for the driver to see the road trough all the decorations – is not a problem either!
We LOVE them and think every country should have them!! =)

Team building

Every year before the children go back to school, we do a team building weekend with games and fun! Its a great way for everybody to get to know each other even more. We are also adding to the family every year, so this is an important time for the newest members of the family to get to know all of their new sisters and brothers!

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