HOTH at summercamp

The HOTH Family just got back from summer camp at Iba Zambales. (north of Manila) They enjoyed different activities as; swimming, obstacle races, games and spending time together. We also had baptism for a few of the children!

Meet some of our Heroes!

This is a happy little video that will make you smile =)

The kids you see on this little video has been with us for about two years, they all have very unique talents and personalities! I believe that this is what makes HOTH so very different from a “any other “ children’s home. At HOTH the kids grow in a family environment. We want to see the children grow to their full potential, with the different gifts that God has put in them.

I have noticed that everybody that has come to visit the children in HOTH has after only a few hours been able to describe their personalities, and the beauty of the children! I love this! The fact that the children don’t see themselves as poor, orphan or any of the other things that has been trying to put them down. They now see themselves as who they really are, and who they were made to be, sons and a daughters of God!

Our Heroes! =)

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